Virender Sehwag is among the few stars who never shies away from calling a spade, a spade. In a recent interaction, he revealed how an English broadcaster’s request to include him in its panel was turned down by him. He made the revelation while talking to Australian cricket great Adam Gilchrist. Famous broadcaster Sky Sports wanted to have Sehwag in its panel but the business deal rather turned into a hilarious chat after the ex-India opener disclosed it the amount he would charge.

“So once I got a call from Sky Sports that ‘We’ll love to have you in in our panel’. I said ‘But you can’t afford me’. But they said ‘No, give me your price’,” said Sehwag on Club Prairie Fire podcast.

“I said ‘You can’t afford me’ but they said ‘Please give us the price’. Then I said okay ‘GBP 10,000 a day’ and they said ‘Yes you’re right we can’t’,” Sehwag added.

During the same interaction, Sehwag also revealed he was offered $100,000 once by a BBL franchise but he turned down the offer.

The conversation started when Gilchrist asked Sehwag if Indian players would ever play in the Big Bash League. Sehwag, in a witty manner, said that there’s no need as Indian cricketers have a lot of money.


Adam Gilchrist: Do you see a time where Indian players will ever be able to go and play other T20 leagues?

Virender Sehwag: “No, Don’t need. We are rich people, we don’t go to poor countries (laughs)”.

Sehwag then shared his own story when he turned down a big BBL contract.

“No, Don’t need, we are rich people, we don’t go to poor countries for other leagues. I still remember when I was dropped from Indian team, I was playing IPL, then I got offer from BBL that I should participate in Big Bash, I said okay how much money, they said $100,000. I said I can spend that money in my holidays, even last night bill was more than $100,000,” he revealed.

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