Jayson Tatum took a scary fall in game 1 of the Miami Heat vs the Boston Celtics and hell broke loose on the internet. Caleb Martin’s collision with Tatum triggered fans to throw shade at the Heat forward, but Ch arles Barkley

has a different perspective on this. The Sixers legend decided to side with Martin on this debate, and co-host Kenny Smith pinned the blame on a 33-year-old Celtics guard, who he believes to be the main reason behind this collision. 

Barkley shared on Inside the NBA, “It’s an overreaction…But I’ll say this. Shaq and Kenny know this, most players who are dirty Ernie, they have a reputation because they’ve been doing it consistently. And this kid [Caleb Martin] does not have that reputation. I always tell people. You get a reputation being a dirty player because of your history, your track record.”

So Barkley is firm that Martin did not do this intentionally. However, the blame game was not over yet, because Kenny Smith called out Celtics guard Jrue Holiday for this dirty play. Caleb Martin was pushed by Holiday, and the former lost control and ultimately collided with Jayson Tatum. Smith said on live television, I thought they were gonna argue about Jrue Holiday being dirty. He’s the one who did that thing. He pushed him directly into him.

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