Lisa Vanderpump is taking ET inside her latest restaurant!

ET’s Brice Sander got a grand tour of the Vanderpump Rules star’s Lake Tahoe eatery, Wolf by Vanderpump, and the entrepreneur revealed why she’s “absolutely ecstatic” about how the restaurant turned out. 

“It’s really been a challenge to bring this to fruition, but it’s turned out absolutely spectacular,” she said of the restaurant, which she designed alongside her longtime collaborator, Nick Alain. “… This is a dream come true.”

“We just have the chance to create something that we dream up. Who gets that chance?” Lisa added. “When Caesars said, ‘We have this space in Lake Tahoe and you can basically dream up something crazy,’ we just jumped on it and look at it.”

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The space is the SUR owner’s biggest yet with Caesars at 6,400 sq. feet, and has the amenities to boot. From an enormous bespoke bar to seven-foot ceilings to a cozy library and spinning chandeliers adorned with crystal-covered antlers, the whole venue is Games of Thrones meets chalet chic.

“He’ll be like, ‘Let’s have antlers.’ I’ll be like, ‘Let’s have crystals. Let’s make it like this big.’ And then we say, ‘Let’s make it spin,'” Lisa told ET of how the spinning lighting came to be. “I like movement in a restaurant.”


Overall, Lisa said the “experiential” space is “very organic, very natural” and “more masculine” than her other restaurants.

“It’s always a big statement,” she said. “I don’t think we’ll ever be accused of being bland. We are maximalist for sure.”

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That’s never move true than with the bar, which features two life-sized wolves breaking free of cages sitting atop the counter.

“It’s got so much detail when you look at it,” she said. “… When I see it finished, I think, ‘How did we do this much?’ It’s crazy… It’s all about detail. It’s very personal to me.”

That’s especially true because of the restaurants name, as Lisa explained, “My grandson, Teddy, his second name was Teddy Wolf, so I thought it’s so kinda ingenious. It feels right here… It’s so emotional for me.”

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Wolf by Vanderpump is now open at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe.



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