For Lindsey Vonn, the dream of contributing to the development of sports didn’t end with her retirement. As the Head of Athlete Experience for the 2030/34 Salt Lake Olympic bid, the skiing icon has been doing everything in her power to bring more exposure to budding athletes in the state of Utah.

For a long time, Vonn has been moving mountains in a bid to bring the 2034 Winter Olympics to Salt Lake City, and now it looks like her ambitious dream is finally on the cusp of materialization. With many of the bidders bowing out of the race to host the 2034 Games, Lindsey Vonn just may be able to bring Salt Lake City its second Olympics, decades after her debut on the big stage in the very same city.

In a recent article by The Athletic

, news of the Beehive State’s possibility of hosting another game has been shared with glee, with the vehement advocacy of Vonn. “I think Salt Lake is the best Olympic option that is available to the world right now,” stated the Olympic gold medalist.

With the change in rules for how a host for the Games is decided, the IOC’s future host commission’s recent week in Utah seems to have had a positive impact on their decision-making. “This is a hidden treasure, this city and this region,”  said Christophe Dubi, the Olympic Games executive director.

With that, Vonn’s dream of seeing the city that throttled her to stardom just might be one step closer to helping her return to SLC as one of its central figures.

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