Jelly Roll is receiving support from fellow musicians after he left social media due to bullying

On Wednesday, rapper Flavor Flav took to his profiles on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram to show his love for the “Wild Ones” singer, 39, after he recently decided to step away from the internet over comments about his weight. 

In an Instagram Story, the 65-year-old “Fight the Power” rapper shared a video from Jelly Roll’s wife, Bunnie XO, in which she discussed her husband’s choice after persistent harassment regarding his appearance. 

“Y’all gone and bullied one of THE NICEST guys off social media… my man helping so many people everyday better their lives,” Flavor Flav wrote in an Instagram Story. “LOVE me some JellyRoll and Bunnie… NOT COOL.”

Flavor Flav Instagram Story calling out Jelly Roll bullies – @FlavorFlavOfficial on Instagram

Over on X, the rapper doubled down on his support for the six-time CMT Music Award winner by calling out the haters who have used social media to spew hateful messages aimed at Jelly Roll. Flavor Flav said the “Son of a Sinner” singer “does so much for people and communities through his music and activism” and did not deserve to find himself on the receiving end of such vitriol. 

In the one-minute video, he urged people to consider the results of their words and actions and remember that a person is on the other end of the phone, reading the comments. Flavor Flav also said that whether those bullies like it or not, Jelly Roll is doing something important by giving others who have struggled with drug use and imprisonment someone to look up to. 

“For all of y’all that’s trying to judge my boy, Jelly Roll, I think y’all need to take a step back and judge yourselves,” the rapper says in the clip. “Because y’all judging him is not going to stop him from being successful.”


The whole situation stems from comments Bunnie, 44, recently made in a video where she criticized those who bullied her man off the internet over his physical appearance. 

“My husband got off the internet because he is so tired of being bullied about his f**king weight, and that makes me want to cry because he is the sweetest angel baby,” she said in a clip posted to Instagram. “My husband doesn’t show it to you guys but I’m gonna have a very vulnerable moment here. It hurts him.” 

She continued, “The internet can say whatever the f**k they want about you and they say, ‘Well you’re a celebrity, you’re supposed to be able to handle it.’ No the f**k we’re not.” 

Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO at the 2024 CMT Music Awards – Getty Images

Near the end of the clip, Bunnie urged her followers to spread love and positivity rather than hate and to remember that it’s impossible to know the struggles another person is going through.

“Don’t bully people because you never know where they are mentally,” she said. 

In 2023, ET spoke with the “Need a Favor” crooner, who shared that whenever he has faced adversity in his life — be it the loss of a family member or his past with addiction and incarceration — he has turned to the one thing that has gotten him through. 

“In the darkest moments of my life, at my father’s funeral, it was music that helped me cope,” he told ET last year. “Music was always there to give me a hug. So I just want to do that for people.”


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