Arnold Schwarzenegger has always emphasized the necessity of sleep for a better and healthy lifestyle. Although he recognizes how hard it is to maintain one’s sleeping hours, the bodybuilder has previously shared several tips to ensure good sleep. This time, however, Schwarzenegger pointed out how people can treat their sleeping difficulty with a little bit of training at the gym.

Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed that according to several types of research, it was proven that more than aerobic exercises, strength training often brings about a better sleeping pattern. Let us look at what the Austrian oak has to say about the connection between resistance training and sleep.

Lifting weights induces fewer sleep disturbances


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In the latest issue of the Arnold’s Pump Club, Schwarzenegger explained how strength training can help people who struggle with insomnia. He talked about research that proved that lifting weights does indeed help people fall asleep faster and better. He noted down in his newsletter, People who lift weights have an easier time falling asleep, have fewer sleep disturbances, wake up less at night, have deeper restorative rest, and tend to sleep longer.”

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The bodybuilder then revealed how one should give much priority to their sleep and resting period, as that would help them with a reduction in health risks. He stated proper sleeping hours also aid in reducing the chances of cardiovascular diseases, “Getting enough rest is a top priority because more research continues to link short sleep and low-quality sleep to many health risks, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity.”



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Not only this, but Arnold Schwarzenegger has also given people a list of things to ensure before going to bed.  

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bed-time checklist 

Previously, Schwarzenegger talked about how people should try to go to bed 15 minutes early every day, which would help them turn that into a habit. In his checklist, that’s the first thing he asks people to do. “Go to bed and wake up at a similar time.” The bodybuilder also asked people not to consume anything a few hours before sleeping, “Cut off food and drink approximately 2-3 hours before you rest.”


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His checklist then goes on to dictate, “Exercise during the day” and “Limit screen time 1-hour before you sleep.” However, one thing that people should also consider is having a darker environment as they go to sleep, “Keep your room as dark as possible.” In the end, Schwarzenegger also suggested how a cooler room is much preferred for better sleep,Make your room cooler, or use a temperature-controlled mattress.”

Do you think combining all of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s suggestions about sleep would truly change one’s lifestyle and help them get a healthier body and mind? Let us know in the comments below.

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