Fans will be raising a glass to this epic prank by Ryan Reynolds

In honor of Rob McElhenney‘s 47th birthday on Sunday, his friend and Wrexham A.F.C co-owner, Reynolds, pulled off quite the stunt. In a video posted to X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday, the Deadpool star jokingly explained that since McElhenney’s birthday happens to be the same date as the Titanic sinking, Reynolds financed an expedition to the ocean floor to retrieve Wrexham Lager since, according to him, the beer was actually on that maiden voyage. While Reynolds noted they did not actually find drinkable lager, they found something even more treasured: a drawing of McElhenney posing with a heart necklace on à la the sketch of Rose DeWitt Bukater in the hit film, Titanic

But, there’s more. Fans can get the image printed on T-shirts, posters, pillows and more on Vistaprint. “As a proud sponsor of Wrexham AFC, we’re happy to help celebrate Rob’s big day by printing this stunning image, found by his co-chairman Ryan Reynolds, on a variety of premium items,” their website’s shop page reads. 

Making matters even more hilarious, the image is actually hanging in a gallery in Wrexham called Tŷ Pawb. 

“This masterpiece was definitely not hastily generated 2 weeks ago by Wrexham Co-Chairman Ryan Reynolds, because who could do that?” a plaque near it reads. “According to art historians that Ryan bribed, the resemblance to fellow co-chairman, Rob McElhenney and the fact that Rob’s birthday falls on the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic are merely coincidental.”

McElhenney’s response? “Thank you for this,” he tweeted back with a zoomed-in screenshot of the heart necklace in the drawing.

And it appears even McElhenney’s dad already bought some of the Titanic-themed merch. “Dad?!” he tweeted of a photo of his father with a canvas banner featuring the image. “He got to you too???”

We have a feeling that’s just the start, Rob!

The playful co-owners clearly have no issues with joking around, but when it comes to the football club, it is no laughing matter. 

“The only thing that we can do is continue to be as honest as possible, wear our hearts on our sleeves and where we mess up, we take a responsibility for,” McElhenney previously told ET in regard to fan reaction to their ownership and docuseries, Welcome to Wrexham, “but we always make sure we go into every decision recognizing that this is something that we have to hold sacred.” 



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