Tesla Cybertruck completely sold out for 2024 – new orders for EV pick-up truck to be delivered in 2025

The Tesla Cybertruck has sold out for 2024 just a few months after the brand’s first electric pick-up truck made its debut on December 1 last year, which is also when deliveries began.

During the reveal, Tesla announced that the Cybertruck would come in three variants, starting with the base Rear-Wheel Drive priced at USD60,990 (about RM290k). This variant was not immediately available at launch and buyers would have to wait until 2025 to get one.

The remaining two variants are the All-Wheel Drive and Cyberbeast priced at USD79,990 (RM380k) and USD99,990 (RM475k) respectively. These variants were initially listed as 2024 deliveries, but this has since been changed to 2025 on Tesla’s official United States website.

As such, new buyers who placed an order for a Cybertruck will have to wait until 2025 to get their vehicles as the company has sold out its production capacity of the pick-up truck for the entire year of 2024. Reports indicate Tesla received as much as two million reservations for the Cybertruck before it formally went on sale

, so it’s not surprising that the wait list is this long.

Not that this affects us, as the Cybertruck won’t be sold in Malaysia for the foreseeable future. The monolith of a pick-up truck was presented here as part of an official media preview recently and will be shown to the public at Tesla’s showrooms in Cyberjaya and Pavilion Damansara Heights in May.

GALLERY: Tesla Cybertruck preview in Malaysia

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