Take the #KembaraJalanKampung on the scenic route with Caltex for your balik kampung trip this Hari Raya

Fueling up your vehicle is a certainty prior to a balik kampung road trip, though just as certain is the congestion as the mass exodus from urban and suburban centres takes place.

While the highways are generally the way to go for express transit to one’s destination by automobile, most who are travelling during the festive season will tend to have the same idea, and so that is where the congestion ends up.

An alternative to sitting in stop-start traffic for hours on end would be to take the trunk roads and minor roads, though, wouldn’t that require covering longer distances for a given destination? It tends to be so, however with Caltex fuel that has the Techron formulation, you can have greater assurance of the efficiency that gets you where you need to be.

Caltex with Techron® contains Clean & Glide Technology™ which is specially formulated to clean and protect the engine in your vehicle. When your car’s engine gets cleaner, there are myriad benefits – your engine maximises its power potential, offers better fuel economy and lower emissions, along with a smoother drive and more reliable performance.


Best of all, the Clean & Glide Technology is now available across all petrol grades, whether you go for the cost-effectiveness of RON 95 or the performance of RON 97, so you’ll get these five benefits from Caltex with Techron.

For your balik kampung journey, better fuel efficiency offers the ability to take on longer journeys for each tankful of fuel, which means that you can not only arrive at your destination in more confidence, but also be able to see more of the country’s beauty – be it by visiting various stalls, rivers and waterfalls, or even take detours for extended drives.

As traffic congestion is a given during the festive season exodus, embrace the journey and enjoy more of what the scenery has to offer with the greater efficiency from Caltex with Techron fuels as you make your way back to your hometowns this Hari Raya. Find out more, here about how Caltex with Techron helps you drive further.

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